Blog created as Python Django exercise on Udemy course

Implementation for pictures by Elliott Bignell

GitHub source project

Happy shooting


  • Mobile-ready version (graceful degradation)
  • User albums and starred, or otherwise retrievable
  • "Buy" links
  • Comments
  • Allow identification of repeats
  • Allow collapse of series
  • Full drag-and-drop organisation with keywords.etc
  • Add breadcrumbs
  • Add default pictures
  • Delete buttons etc. for removing Albums and content
  • Import and export CSV
  • Complete front page with albums, folder then pictures in sequence
  • Delete dead entries from album database table
  • Bulk operations and multiple selection
  • Mashup using multiple online sources and local files
  • Shares toFacebook et al
  • React
  • Cookies to keep user preferences


  • Show album when selected
  • Add folders (read-only)
  • Add tab for return to pictures view
  • Add keyboard operations for adding to albums
  • Make drag-grab easier to perform
  • Allow hiding and sorting of content
  • Allow removal of content from album (delete button and a keyboard action)

Easter Eggs Stuff

  • Welcome Page
  • WebGL seashells


  • Filter by date range

Testing Matrix

Content Search Sort Examine